Guitars, Now and Then: 2013 Gibson 335 

hought I'd share some photos of the guitars that have passed through my hands over the years. Some still in the stable, and some that got away. 

Since y'all posted such nice comments on my profile pic update, I'll start with this one. It is a 2013 Gibson 335, which has been my main player for the last few years. I am very fortunate to have it. It's hard to find a good 335, and this one is not only a great 335, bt a great guitar. Period. Weighs a little less than 8 1/2 lbs, resonates forever, impeccable intonation, and was made in Memphis, which adds some extra mojo for me. Found for me by The Guitar Sherpa, Steve Spirko

The Last Week Of Whatever Year It Was 

I Wish You All A Happy And Peaceful New Year!
It was 2021, wasn't it?
I know I'm not the only one that has to stop and think about it.

Whatever year it was, (still is, soon to be), it was certainly an exhausting battle of realities, and no one was immune, (here's to say we're through!).

I so deeply grateful for your support, and simply, being able to
engage in musical pursuits for 50 years, is humbling and a blessing.

I began playing guitar in 1972.
Soon after, I quit Boy Scouts and joined the gypsies.
50 years later I'm excited to get back to the roots,
writing and recording for the sake of the it.
That's Where It All Began.

My 2022 live performances will be limited, as we focus on new music,
and loose ends accrued throughout the years of living on the lam, incognito.

Over the last year, we released dozens of videos and songs,
and we're looking forward to sharing a whole lot more!

Thank you all again for your support,
and for allowing me to have the best seat in house.
Blessings To Y’all.


Things Ain't What They Seem
Obviously. No?


Chris and Colleen welcomed new additions this year.


Dedicated To All The Generations
Of Crazy Daughters Everywhere
We Love So Much.


Throwback Thursday!


Give Thanks For All We've Got
All We've Got Is All We've Got To Lose


Happy New Year!


Have A Happy New Year!
Approach 2022 With Caution!
Walk Don't Run!
(But Always Have Fun)

Get out and support Live Music.
There’s lots out there these days
And every minute offline, is a win.

xo Chris

This Week's Music Merry Christmas 

Sunday, December 19th


Monday, December 20th
No Matter Where You're At
You're On This Side Of Town


Tuesday, December 21st
Frank Zappa born Christmas week in America


Wednesday, December 22nd
This Happened in 1979


Thursday, December 23rd
Throwback Thursday
Art For Money Friar's Point Band


Friday, December 24th
Have A Happy Christmas

Saturday, December 25th
Merry Christmas


Thank you...❤️🎸🏴‍☠️

She Just Knows I'm Free Renegade 

She Just Knows
A Brand New Video From
Chris London’s 2nd Album, “Night Out”

Dickie Betts
Elizabeth Reed, Blue Sky, and Ramblin' Man.
Hot 'lanta, One Way Out, You Don't Love Me
The Allman Brother's masterpiece 'Jessica'
One of the great classic rock guitar solos, (and piano solos too).
God bless, Dickie Betts.


We All Shine On

I Got You Under My Skin
Hey Colleen, this one's for you..


Throwback Thursday!
Can't Say No
That's Always Been Something To Work On.

I'm Free
Don't Let 'em Tell Ya Otherwise

Tomorrow, 12/19/2021, 2-4PM
The Renegade Winery
600 Main St. Stroudsburg  PA


Chris London Band, Friar's Point Band, and more! 

Monday, 12/6/2021
From All Things Must Pass to Here's to Say We're Through
A little song about letting go...


Tuesday, 12/7/2021
Two For Tuesday!

Dave Brubeck


Kim Simmonds


Wednesday 12/8/2018
Over The Hump with Some Fats Domino


Throwback Thursday!
Friar's Point Band Live At
The Rock & Roll Ranch


Friday, 12/10/2021
Enjoy the weekend and let 'em get out of the way!



Thank you....🎸🏴‍☠️

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November Fade Away 

Sunday, November 28th
Leftovers, football, and some laid back blues...
Lot's to be thankful for.

"Everyday I Have The Blues, written by Aaron & Milton Sparks. Performed by The Chris London Band; Featuring Chris London, Rick LeSoine, and Tony Dellaria BushStock Benefit, Bushkill PA 9/11/2021

Monday, November 29th
Happy Birthday John Mayall, born today 1933
A true influencer.
Click the pic for one of the great Mayall tunes "Burn Out Your Blind Eyes"
Chris London and John Mayall, 2012

Tuesday, November 30th
This was the Number 1 song today in 1968.
Yeah Baby.

Wednesday, December 1st
Welcome December and Hump Day.
Get down and Suck It Up!
Big Baby
from The Chris London Band First American Album

Thursday, December 2nd
Today, 1983
Michael Jackson's 14-minute "Thriller" video debuts on MTV. Directed by John Landis, the short film shows Jackson turning into a werewolf and leading a dance routine with various undead creatures,
just in time for Christmas

Friday, December 3rd
With A Short Set From Chris London
Ho Ho Ho

Saturday, December 4th
Have A Great Weekend!
Love For Real Not Fade Away
"Not Fade Away", written by Charles Hardin & Norman Petty. Performed by The Chris London Band; Featuring Chris London, Rick LeSoine, and Tony Dellaria BushStock Benefit, Bushkill PA 9/11/2021

Thank you one and all...❤️🎸🏴‍☠️